Looking for an Airbnb in Washington DC for your next business trip?

February 12, 2018 | All Posts, The INNside Scoop

Last year you were in DC for a conference and stayed at the conference hotel. It was fine, but it’s not luring you back. With your new assignment, you’re going to be in DC three to four times a year for 3-4 nights each time. You’d really like a place that’s homier, a place you’ll enjoy coming back to again and again. So, you are looking an Airbnb in Washington DC.

You’ve heard a lot about Airbnb – some of your colleagues swear by it – and you know that it offers lots of options in lots of neighborhoods at lots of price points. Some of the places look really nice online. You can correspond with the “host” to ask questions and get advice. You can read reviews and get a pretty good sense of the kind of experience you’ll have.


So, is Airbnb your answer?

Personally, I would say, “No.”

If you want a place you can look forward to every time you arrive in Washington DC, you should look for a REAL B&B instead!  In fact, I would look at Embassy Circle Guest House and Woodley Park Guest House – to find two incredible REAL B&B’s for your DC trips.

Here are a couple of reasons to choose Embassy Circle Guest House or Woodley Park Guest House:


At DC Inns, communication with us is EASY! Our reservation process puts YOU in control.

  • Online Reservations: One Step! Fast. Efficient. Convenient: Check our availability online – we have a great website – and make your reservation        directly from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Phone:  Give us a call a at 202-232-7744 for Embassy Circle or 202-667-0218 for Woodley Park. We’re here, and we would love to talk to you.
  • Email:  Is email more convenient? Send us an email at embassy@dcinns.com or woodley@dcinns.com and we’ll respond quickly to your questions.
  • Accommodation Guarantee:  Your reservation with us is guaranteed. We will NEVER tell you that your room is not available at the last minute.


The Airbnb reservations process is a bit clunky and not very transparent.

  • Online Reservations? Sort of. Wouldn’t it be nice to make the reservation directly instead waiting for the approval of the host.
    Property Address: Wouldn’t it be helpful to know the exact address of the accommodation BEFORE you’ve paid for it.
    Commission and Fees: Why are you paying commission to Airbnb? Isn’t commission usually charged to the host, and NOT the guest?
    Accommodation Guarantee: REAL B&B’s don’t overbook. Airbnb and hotels do! What’s your guarantee that you won’t arrive in DC and find that your room isn’t available?

Business Services

DC Inns provides services business travelers love – No Problem and No Charge!

  • You need fast, reliable, high-speed WIFI. No problem and no charge!
  • You’re giving a presentation and you need to print a couple of pages. You don’t have to find a Kinko’s or an Office Depot. We’ll be glad to do that for you. No problem and no charge!
  • Early Arrival: No problem and no charge!
  • Someplace to leave your luggage before your flight home. No problem and no charge!
  • And how about the free upgrades for repeat guests. No problem and no charge!

At an Airbnb you are on your own.

  • There’s nobody there to say, “Sure. We can do that for you.”
  • There is no helpful innkeeper who will print your presentation – and help calm your jitters on the way out the door.
  • What do you do with your luggage when you arrive in DC at 7 AM and can’t get into your accommodation until 3 PM? That’sa LONG time to drag a suitcase – or two – around Washington DC!
  • And who do you call when the WIFI isn’t working?

Breakfast at DC Inns


Both Embassy Circle Guest House and Woodley Park Guest House serve lovely breakfasts!

  • Our breakfasts are fresh and healthy,
  • sweet and savory,
  • protein and carb.
  • And we have gluten free and lactose free options as well.

Airbnb’s don’t serve breakfast. We’re not sure what the second “B” in Airbnb stands for, but it doesn’t stand for “breakfast”.

Housekeeping Standards

DC Inns offer you spotless rooms, every day, at NO CHARGE. We give our housekeepers enough time to do a thorough job, so our rooms are cleaner than an Airbnb, cleaner than a hotel room, and cleaner than your own home! And DAILY housekeeping is provided at NO CHARGE! There’s no “Cleaning Fee” on our invoices. That’s included in the room rate.

Most Airbnb hosts are amateurs, and amateur hosts generally have amateur housekeeping standards. “Clean enough” may be OK at home, but when we travel, we like our accommodations to be “REALLY CLEAN”. We don’t want the smudge of a stranger’s toothpaste in the sink. And we NEVER want to wonder if the sheets were changed after the last guests. And why does housekeeping cost extra?

Still need more reasons to skip an Airbnb in Washington DC and stay with us at the Woodley Park Guest House or the Embassy Circle Guest House? Did we mention the beautiful rooms; pleasant, available hosts; advice, and conversation; and a glass (or two) of good, free wine? That’s a lot of reasons to select a REAL B&B!