A Beautiful Investment in Original Art At Our Luxury Washington DC INNS

February 12, 2018 | All Posts, The INNside Scoop

At our luxury DC Inns, we know that our investment in original artwork is UNIQUE!

We believe that beauty is not optional. Like comfort and convenience, beauty is necessary to relaxation and well-being – and we’re all about relaxation and well-being at Embassy Circle Guest House and Woodley Park Guest House!

Every piece of art in both houses – about 150 pieces in total – is original. Most of that artwork – about 90%, or 135 individual paintings – has been created by and purchased from our guests. Other pieces belong to Laura & Raymond Saba’s personal collection.  


Many of our guests have enjoyed our paintings so much that they have contacted our artists directly and purchased paintings for themselves.  Here are some of our favorite pieces.


artwork for sale in Washington DC

Affectionately known as “Red Barn”, this large painting that fills one of the walls of our dining room, has become the iconic image associated with Embassy Circle Guest House. Sorry it’s not for sale! (We get that question all the time.) Every house should have a red barn, however, and we have a couple of smaller barn paintings by California artist  Justina Selinger that will look stunning at your house.  



Woodley Park luxury lodging - artwork at the inn


Another iconic image, this beautiful pastel rendering of the Woodley Park Guest House was painted as a gift for Laura Saba’s 50th birthday (and we won’t tell you how long ago that was ….) by friend, former neighbor and favorite guest Shoshanna Ahart.  We love Shoshanna’s pastels, and you will find them on the walls of guest rooms at our Woodley Park Guest House and at Embassy Circle Guest House.


original art in Washington DC - pears

The first artist we met when we purchased the Woodley Park Guest House is our wonderful friend Beto Rossi.  Beto is from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He stayed with us for a major DC exhibition in 2000, and returned in 2001.  While he was here in 2000, he treated us all to a dinner of his home-cooked paella – accompanied by his own home-made Sangria.  Let us just say that a VERY good time was had by all!  Beto Rossi’s beautiful Las Peras hangs in the third floor hallway of the Woodley Park Guest House.



beautiful original art in DC - flowers over the fireplace


Being in DC, we often host the parents of students who are attending our wonderful universities.  That’s how we met one of our favorite artists, Louise Link Rath.  Louse and her husband Dan stayed with us for several years while their daughter attended American University.  During that time, we had the opportunity to purchase a number of Louise’s paintings for both Woodley and Embassy.  “4 Iri” by Louise Link Rath hangs in the Pearl Gazvin room at Embassy Circle Guest House.



luxury Washington DC inns - dining room with beautiful art


The Dining Room at our Woodley Park Guest House is full of paintings by two of our favorite guest house artists, Heather Craig and Justina Selinger.  The beautiful impressionistic field was painted by Heather Craig.  The poppy field leading uphill to a small white barn was painted by Justina Selinger.   Justina Selinger and Heather Craig


We want you to experience the comfort, hospitality and art at of Embassy Circle Guest House and Woodley Park Guest House – so please come visit us. To make your reservation, call us at 202-232-7744 or Visit Us Online to book your stay at one of our DC INNS.