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5 Reasons You Should Avoid B&B’s

September 19, 2017 | All Posts, The INNside Scoop

In the last 15 years of innkeeping, we’ve learned that not everybody should stay at a bed and breakfast. That is why we have come up with 5 reasons you might want to avoid staying at a B&B.

  1. People who stay at a Bed and breakfastYou’re not a “people” person:  You’re an anonymous traveler, perfectly content to be under-the-radar.  You don’t mind being just one more credit card transaction.  You don’t want to make small talk with the owners and you don’t want to eat breakfast with strangers.  What would you say?
  2. You want to know exactly what to expect:  You do not like surprises.  You love the predictability of hotels.  You can recognize their shapes, signs and logos from the interstate.  It’s good to stay somewhere dependable!
  3. You’ve heard horror stories about B&B’s:  Old houses with older furniture.  Chatty innkeepers who won’t shut up.  (What can you say to someone who never gets out?)  Cranky innkeepers who wish you weren’t there.  Creaky stairs.  Ugly wallpaper.  Awful artwork.  Knickknacks.  Potpourri.  Stuffed animals.  Small beds with sagging mattresses.  Breakfast with strangers.  Rules.  Rules.  Rules.  There must be some truth in these stories or people wouldn’t tell them – right?
  4. You had a bad experience at a B&B:  The last B&B you stayed in should have been featured on one of those reality shows about unbelievably terrible  hotels.  What a dump.  Nasty innkeeper.  Lousy breakfast.  Awful mattress.  Paper-thin walls.  No privacy.  In all your travels you’ve never had such a bad experience in a hotel.  Well, there was that time in San Francisco.  That place was a dump.  Oh, and remember that place in NYC where we were so worried about the noise in the hall that we barricaded the door.  And how about that dive in Key West.  We won’t be going back there any time soon ….
  5. You like the full-service hotel experience:  On-site restaurant.  Bar in the lobby that’s open late and the big game on a large screen TV.  Room service 24-hours-a-day.   A pool.  A poolside bar.  A spa.  An exercise room.  You don’t ever need to leave the building.  In fact, you could spend your entire vacation in your room.  And if you want to leave the hotel, there’s a concierge who knows all the restaurants that advertise on the tourist map.  Just hope you get there before the tourist buses.

Stay at a bed and breakfast in downtown DC

Does this sound like you? If not, you’ll probably love staying with us at our downtown DC bed and breakfasts. Although many people should not stay at a bed and breakfast, there are also many people who love the B&B experience! Here at DC Inns, we do the best to help our guests make the most of their DC getaway. To see for yourself, book a room online.