15 Fun Reflections on our 15th Anniversary

April 14, 2015 | All Posts, The INNside Scoop

On April 10, 2000, we purchased the Woodley Park Guest House.  We’ve loved hosting guests – and we’ve hosted a lot of them.  Here’s a couple of fun things we’ve learned and experienced in 15 years.


How Many Pots of Coffee? – 5 Fun Facts

  1. 27,500 guests hosted; 10,000 guests hosted multiple times
  2. Guests from 6 continents; 118 countries; LOTS of Australians, Brits and Canadians!
  3. 5,250 breakfasts served; 26,000 pots of coffee brewed
  4. 4 Inaugurations – 8 years of Republicans and 8 years of Democrats
  5. 15 Cherry Blossom Festivals – 5 years early, 5 years late, 5 years on time


Start to Finish – 10 of the Major Changes We’ve Experienced

  1. Shabby but habitable rooming house to full gut renovation to stately old home with beautiful new interior
  2. Reservation book with sharp pencils and many erasers to streamlined online bookings
  3. Phone calls to email
  4. Directory listing to intro website to elegant new website(s)
  5. Desktop to mobile
  6. Guidebooks to Google
  7. Professional reviews to guest reviews
  8. Lonely Planet to Fodor’s to Trip Advisor
  9. Cable modems to high speed wireless internet
  10. Carbs to protein to gluten free to vegetarian to vegan. Don’t worry.  You can still get carbs!


So You’d Like to Own a B&B – 5 Lessons Learned 

  1. The greatest guests in the world come to B&B’s.
  2. An amazing number of B&B guests dream about owning their own B&B someday.
  3. Getting up early doesn’t get any easier. Coffee is your friend!
  4. Change is not an option. Even a tiny little B&B needs an IT department.  (Ughhh!)
  5. We still enjoy meeting you at breakfast every morning – even after 15 years.

We really want to say that we are serious about this last item.  We really love our guests.  You guys have been a blessing to us in so many ways.  We’ve enjoyed your company, your stories, your family celebrations, and your career successes.  We’ve enjoyed shared laughter and more than a few shared tears.  We can’t wait to see you all again. Come on back!  Try out that new streamlined, online booking system we just mentioned.